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Much of the work that we do is custom work specifically created according to a customer’s desired subject and size requirements.  This can be an image based on one of our sold paintings or a completely new creation.   We love doing commissions because they are so personal to the customer.


Although we accept orders for commissions throughout the year, due to a very heavy show and travel schedule, we are only able to work on them during months in which we have a bit of down time.  Typically we work on commissions in the months of March, August and December.  If you are working with a deadline (birthday, anniversary) please don’t hesitate to ask us if we can get it done for you. We definitely do our best to make exceptions and if we can fit it in, we will.


To initiate a commission we collect all of your contact information, details regarding the painting including subject, size and basic color suggestions.  We document all special requests in writing and get written confirmation from the customer before we begin our work.  We also collect a 25% deposit of the total purchase price.  Your painting will not be put on the calendar until we receive the deposit.  The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and it represents a commitment by both parties to move forward. The remaining 75% is due upon completion. The customer is also responsible for shipping charges that can range from $30 to $200, depending on the size and weight of the painting and the destination.

If the customer is unable to receive the painting at the time of completion, we can work out a storage arrangement, however the remaining 75% is due regardless.  


We make every effort to satisfy our customers but if, for whatever reason, the customer does not want the painting after it is completed, the deposit is not refunded.  The customer does have the option of putting the deposit toward a different painting (either already in our inventory or a new commission).  


We invoice the customer directly to their email address using SQUARE.  Both the painting and shipping charges are included on the invoice.  Check and cash are also accepted.



Art is a very personal purchase and we would never want the bad karma of a customer keeping one of our paintings with which they are unhappy. Although we do not accept returns, we do offer our customers the option of an exchange of a same sized piece.  

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